What do we offer to our customers


We will make your company’s financial administration easy. We are a reliable partner, and we always deliver what we promise.


Our vast expertise and long experience guarantee a broad spectrum of services and that we can support your company in its every step. We help our customers besides accounting also in management accounting and tax issues.

Personal Service

Our service is always tailored to suit the needs of your company and its business. We can see things from the customer’s view, and we support your operations comprehensively.


  • Accounting

    • Digital accounting
    • Payroll and payroll administration
    • Financial Statements and Tax Filings
  • Management accounting

    • Management accounting and reporting
    • Cash flow management
    • Budgeting
    • Creating financial administration processes and consulting of financing management
  • Tax advisory

  • Legal Services

    Legal Services: Produced by our partner Asianajotoimisto Nordia Oy


  • Browsing documents that earlier took hours can now be done in a matter of minutes when everything is handily available in the digital accounting system. Returning to older documents is easy when all information is only a few clicks away. When we moved to digital accounting the professional accountant Jetta guided us through the transition phase and is always there to help when any questions arise.

    Heidi Keijonen

    Office Manager, NORDIA Attorneys at Law

  • As a startup founder, flexibility and speed are important to me, and ever since I started working with Jetta I've been very happy with both. It's a huge relief knowing that my accounts are in good hands, and I can concentrate on building the business.

    Zsuzsa James

    Founder & CEO of Dreamatik Entertainment


  • Jetta Kari

    Jetta Kari

    Managing director, Head accountant

    Jetta has 20 years’ experience from various demanding financial administration and management posts, including accounting, budgeting, forecasting, payroll and collective bargaining agreements, and taxation. She is a Master in Economics from Helsinki School of Business (M.Econ, corporate law) and Bachelor of Business Administration from Haaga-Helia (BBA, accounting and management accounting). Important values for her are responsibility, service-mindedness,and continuing development.

  • Tiia Granfors

    Tiia Granfors

    Accountant, tax specialist

    Tiia has vast experience in accounting and taxation. She has worked for 20 years in tax administration and specialized in corporate taxation. Tiia has a Master’s degree in Law and Economics. Important values for her are a customer-oriented approach, high quality of service,and diligence.


  • Matti Kari

    Chairman of the Board, Advisor

    Matti has 20 years of experience in advising and assisting his corporate clients in demanding legal matters.

  • Antti Hannula

    Member of the Board, Advisor

    Antti has more than 30 years of experience in providing advisory services to small and medium-sized businesses. Antti also acts as a Board professional and educates his corporate clients.

Benefits of digital accounting

In accounting, it is important that everything is done right and at the right time. Digital and automated accounting processes support this strongly.

  • Forecasts
  • Up to date information
  • Automated accounting
  • Functioning processes
  • Correct information at the right time

Functioning processes add efficiency. Use of e-invoices and delivery of materials for the accounting digitally saves time from both customer and the accountant. The amount of manual work is reduced, when the invoices go directly to accounting, and there is no need to search for lost receipts. Unnecessary work to clarify unclear recordings is avoided when all information flows to accounting in with no delays. Thanks to digital accounting and automation, financial information is almost real-time. This gives the management a better view of the current situation but also the opportunity to forecast cash flow and financial development better. Decision-making gets quicker, time is saved, and the quality of the information at hand is better, and the company can focus on its core business with the support of reliable and up to date information.

Efficient co-operation independent of location

Move to digital accounting changes the co-operation between accountant and customer to be independent of location.

Seamless co-operations works with digital tools, and the customer can, for example, handle invoices on a tablet computer or mobile phone at the time and place convenient for the customer. Being independent of time and location also enables efficient use of time. We use cloud-based Procountor accounting program. The required information is available to our customers online all the time. All accounting information is submitted to the program only once, and it is easy to find afterwards. The use of the same solution makes the co-operation between the accountant and the customer flexible, and the roles and responsibilities can be adjusted based on personal needs. Let’s use our time efficiently!

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